There has been a video making it's way around the internet, it is of a child seemingly being trampled by a pair of English soldiers that are apart of the The Scottish Guard that protect the gates of Buckingham Palace . You know, those guys with the red uniforms and the furry bear skin hats?


Yeah, those guys.

In the video, The grey coats are marching and yelling "MAKE WAY!" in front of a dozen tourists and one small child fell victim to their incessant marching.

It is a sight to behold because it seems they have no regard for the kid as they step right over him and continue uninterrupted.

As bad as it looks, this is common practice for this army of guards because they pretty much have a singular mission, to protect the crown and everything involved.

They have an official name for themselves, they are called Beefeaters.


An Unclear Origin.

The name Beefeater has a cloudy origin that no one in England is sure of, but according to Great British Mag the name may have to do with dinner parties where the guard were allowed to eat as much meat as they please while attending dinner with the king.

According to the article, this is not practiced much these days if rarely at all.

Nowadays, while still a line of defense, these Beefeaters are ceremonious assisting with tourism, and help with guarding the royal family with transport between the Palace, Parliment, and other state buildings.


If you ever make it to England, see the video below and STAY OUT OF THE WAY!

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