I often wonder how the various bears around the world compare in size and ferociousness.  We are fortunate to only have 2 of the top 10 biggest and baddest bears in the world in Montana.  North America lays claim to 4 of the bruins.  Let’s take a look at the list provided by Wild Life Trip

#10: Sloth Bear

The sloth bear is native to the Indian subcontinent, a region in Southern Asia.  They can weigh up to 290# and will attack humans.

#9 Asian Black Bear

The Asian Black Bear is heavily hunted and therefore weary of humans.  They spend most of their time in the mountains and live in Asia, stretching from Taiwan to Northeastern China and to the Northern Indian Subcontinent. They also reside in Far Eastern side of Russia. 300# is a typical top end weight.

#8 Spectacled Bear

The Spectacled Bear is native to South America, making it the only bear to have that distinguishment. It is a medium sized bear that can get up to 340#.

#7 Eurasian brown bear

The Eurasian Brown Bear or sometimes call the European Brown Bear lives in Northern Europe and the Siberian Forest.  The bear weights up to 550#.

#6 American Black Bear

The American Black Bear is the only bear that can be found coast to coast and from the northern border to the southern border. Considered a garbage scavenger, this bear is the most common culprit to upsetting your dumpsters or eating your bird feeder.  American Black Bears have been recorded topping out at 650# or more.

#5 Grizzly Bear

Most people in Montana are familiar with the Grizzly Bear, even though the bear is primarily in Central and Western Montana following the Rocky Mountain Front from Canada to Idaho and Wyoming.  The Grizzly Bear is not hunted and therefore will attack humans as the bears have little fear.  Top weight can be as much as 800#

#4 Ussuri Brown Bear

Be happy that we do NOT have this bear around here.  The Ussuri Brown Bear is native to NE Asia including Russia, China and Japan.  The males can get as large as 1200#.

#3 Kamchatka Brown Bear

The Kamchatka Brown Bear is another behemoth topping out at 1500#.  They live in areas around the Being Sea and are thought to be related to the Kodiak Bear.

Bears from around the world

#1 & #2- there is a tie for the top bear in the world

1A The Polar Bear- primarily lives north of the Arctic Circle.  Human interactions are limited, but the bear has no fear and will attack humans.

1B The Kodiak Bear- is a resident Alaska’s Kodiak Island.  The bear is a treasured prize for hunters, but the bear is not afraid of humans and will attack.

Both of these bears will top out around 1600# and are considered equal in size and strength.

I hope you enjoyed this short breakdown of a few of the bears in the world.

Content information found at: Wild Life Trip and Wikipedia

Picture Credit; Getty Images


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