Seems I caused a bit of an uproar yesterday when I wrote about some turkeys roaming around the Riverview neighborhood. I said they were wild turkeys but it turns out they are neighborhood celebrities.

People were surprised that I had never heard of Mrs. Butters.  My wife laughed at me when she came home. Even my neighbor messaged me to ask "you have never heard of Mrs. Butters?" It seems I might actually be the only person in Great Falls who didn't know about Mrs. Butters.

Mrs. Butters it seems has be long known to residents of the Riverview neighborhood.  She went missing for a while and then reappeared with her babies.  That has only caused her to become even more popular within the neighborhood.

People all over Facebook have pictures of her and her babies in their yards, on their front steps, or walking around the neighborhood.

A group of turkeys outside of Riverview Elementary

Mrs Butters and her family outside River Elementary

The Riverview PTA Facebook page posted this photo of Mrs. Butters and her family outside of the school.

She's been profiled in the Tribune and on KRTV, and people wondered how I hadn't heard about her because of that.  I mean come on I'm in the radio industry, those two are our mortal enemy.  I mean that tongue in cheek obviously.  I honestly have no answer for why I have never heard of her until yesterday.

The other bit in my article that people focused on, was that in my haste to get the article written, I mentioned I was at the 4 way stop by Riverview.  You were all correct there is no 4 way stop there.

A stop sign at an intersection
Nick Northern

Not A 4-Way Stop

I mistakenly said this was a 4-way stop.
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