It was a wild day yesterday for police around Cascade County.  Police were in pursuit of a man they'd been looking for since 11:55pm Sunday night.  His name is Santana LeDeaux.  He was taken into custody yesterday afternoon near the town of Simms after leading police on a long chase that went from Great Falls,  all the way to Wolf Creek before he crashed his car near Simms.  Sheriff Jesse Slaughter says LeDeaux, who's from Wolf Point, is charged so far with felony assault on a police officer,  and two counts of robbery for reported carjackings.  He is in the county jail today.  Schools were closed down in areas of the chase as a precaution.  Luckily there were no serious injuries.

Below is a detailed rundown of the events that led to yesterday's chase and later arrest.


11:55p Sunday , October 16.   LeDeaux is identified as a suspect in a vandalism case in downtown Great Falls.  The suspect fled the scene.

12:22p Monday, Oct 17.   Police respond to a disturbance in the 2400 block of Tenth Avenue South where the suspect reportedly fired a handgun, possibly into the air.

1:11p.   Police locate the suspect in a white pickup as he flees the area going the wrong direction on Tenth Avenue South.

1:15p?.  Police see the suspect now driving the wrong way on I-15.

1:24P.   An All Points Bulletin is put out concerning an attempted carjacking near the off ramp in Ulm.  A few minutes later the suspect is reportedly successful in a carjacking near the town of Cascade. That's where deputies opened fire on the suspect who reportedly tried to run a deupty over.  The chase now continues into Wolf  Creek and into Lewis and Clark County.  He then cuts over and towards Simms.

2:20p.  Suspect leDeaux crashes his stolen vehicle into another and the chase comes to an end.  He is taken into custody without incident just east of Simms.


He could be facing more charges.  And because of all the agencies involved, the state has taken over the investigation.

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