6 Tiny Homes To Stay At Near Great Falls On Airbnb

When traveling one of the biggest needs, besides knowing how to get where you are going, is where are you going to stay when you get there.

Well if you are visiting Great Falls or Montana anytime soon and don't feel like a hotel is for you, then you should check out these 6 tiny homes in and near the Electric City.

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A decade ago tiny homes seemed to be the future of housing.

While the growth of tiny home construction has slowed down since it's peak, there are still plenty of people who are looking at them for use when traveling.

Personally I'd go that route myself, all the comforts of a house along with the privacy that comes from being detached all for the same price or less than a hotel; where do I sign up?

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Young woman at home in her tiny house

Look At These 6 Tiny Homes In Great Falls

If you are thinking the same thing, then check out these 6 on Airbnb, all of which are under $150 a night.

3 of them are in Great Falls, while 3 are just a short drive away.

Our first one is located in Great Falls.

The next one has almost a 5 star rating with over 300 reviews.

The 3rd one on our list will have you sleeping out in Monarch, but what a view.

Back to Great Falls for our 4th tiny house for just $116 a night and it's another with almost a 5 star rating with over 150 reviews.

This next one will be the one furthest away from Great Fall as it's located in Cascade.

Our last one is just down the road from Great Falls in Belt.

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