15 Popular Foods That The State Of California Is Banning Soon

As people become more aware of the food they are putting into their bodies, the state governments in which they live are also aware.

That is why the state of California will soon be banning an additive called Red 3 found in some snack foods you might enjoy.

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What Is Red 3 Anyway?

So why did Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, follow other countries such as Japan, China, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand ban Red 3 to begin with?

Probably because Red 3, which is a dye made from petroleum, has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats, along with possibly causing ADHD and other behavioral issues with children.

Not to mention that the FDA has not allowed companies to use the dye in cosmetics or external drugs in the United States going all the way back to 1990.

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I Thought This Was America, The Land Of The Free?

California is a dirty word to most Montana residents, and if you asked if we should follow in their legislative footsteps, most would answer no.

We might not have a choice in the matter, however, as I doubt a company would dedicate resources to making one version of their product for sale in California and then another for everywhere else.

So more than likely, the food you'll find in the gallery below will be made without Red 3 and sold in Montana without us even needing to ban it.

15 Popular Foods That California Is Banning, Will Montana Be Next?

In 2023, California passed legislation banning the use of Red 3 in foods starting in 2027. These products currently contain the soon to be illegal additive. Could Montana be banning them soon as well?

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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