These School Districts In Montana Have The Best Graduation Rates

It's May, and that means very soon thousands of Montana students will be graduating and taking their next step in life.

Yet for all the students that do finish and graduate high school, there are some who don't, either due to having to retake classes or by dropping out, which can affect a school's graduation rate.

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What School In Montana Had The Best Graduation Rate?

Montana has some great schools, and it's not just my opinion stating that because one school in Montana was ranked the #213 best school in America.

We've also got some great teachers making sure they get their students to graduate, as the graduation rate for the whole state of Montana during the 2022-2023 school year was 85%.

When it comes to dropout rates, Montana had a 3.76% dropout rate during that same school year.

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The Top Schools Are All Smaller Schools

When you look at graduation rates in Montana, a few things stick out.

The smaller schools all top the list for graduation rates, but I feel they need a bit of context for that.

Less students means fewer dropouts, meaning higher graduation rates.

That is why we will be highlighting the top 15 schools, no matter the student size, and then we'll show where the larger AA schools rank.

Finally, to all graduating seniors, congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors.

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