What High Schools Are The Lowest Scoring In Montana?

First thing out of the way, we are not the ones that have chosen these schools as the lowest scoring schools in Montana.

However, just like there has to be a highest scoring school, there also has to be a lowest scoring school and that's what we're discussing in this article.

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How does one even begin to determine a ranking of what makes a school the "best" or sadly the "worst" school in the state?

We're looking at and using the data provided by the website School Digger, which claims to look at test scores as just one way to justify their rankings.

To get an even more accurate ranking they also then look at enrollment data and financial statistics to help get a clearer picture of where each school in Montana ranks.

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Does Money Play A Factor In Ranking?

We hear quite a bit when talking about education the cost per student and there are plenty of people who get upset at the total amount spent since it's paid by our taxes.

That is one factor that School Digger does look at, but when you look at the statistics and rankings on their website, money doesn't seem to matter.

The bottom 10 schools all range from some of the highest cost per student, along some near the lowest cost.

To put things in perspective, let's look at some schools that spend a lot per student. Colstrip, which spends $34,012, is the school that spends the most per student, yet their school ranks 93rd out of 114.

Gardiner is the fourth highest per student, with a total of $28,266; they rank 3rd out of 114.

On the flip side, Skyview in Billings spends the least per student, with a total of $9,666 and have a rank of 57th, smack dab in the middle of the pack.

Again to clarify School Digger uses test scores provided by the Montana Office of Public Instruction as the main metric for their rankings, then round it out with other factors like enrollment data and financial statistics.

To truly understand their methodology on how their rankings are determined check out this link that breaks it down in great detail.

So now lets take a look at the 10 High Schools and only High Schools that School Digger have ranked the 10 lowest scoring in Montana.

10 Lowest Scoring High Schools In Montana

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