What Did This Popular YouTube Couple Think Of This Montana Town?

Sometimes, when it comes to Montana, we can be overly complimentary and, at the same time, overly critical.

That's why it's not a bad thing to get an outsider's perspective, allowing us to see things in a new light.

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Montana Was The 44th State Visited On Their American Road Trip

The YouTube couple Joe & Nic's Road Trip have been traveling across America and documenting their journey.

Montana was the 44th state on their trip, and the town they stopped and highlighted was Billings, the biggest city in the state.

The title of their video is "BILLINGS: Just How DULL & DRAB Is Montana's Biggest City?"

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Joe points out Billings Montana from the Rim Rocks
Joe & Nic's Road Trip via YouTube/Canva

The Good The Bad & The Ugly Of Billings

The video starts with them leaving Wyoming and heading to Billings.

From there, Joe marvels at the view of Billings from The Rimrocks. He also talks about the history of Billings and what the town is like today.

From there, he heads into town to give his opinion on the city.

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a payphone with no receiver
Joe & Nic's Road Trip via YouTube/Canva

Downtown Billings According To This YouTuber

First off, I think it's hilarious that he found a pay phone with no receiver still on the wall.

Overall, they said Billings was a clean, beautiful, and healthy city.

Remember when I said sometimes we need an outside perspective to change our view of things?

Well, that's what this video did for me. Billings may not be perfect, but compared to some places this couple has visited, it's paradise.

See the whole video for yourself after getting to know Billings from A to Z. 👇

Getting to Know Billings From A to Z

New to Billings or not, the Magic City may look like an industrial town from the freeway, but take any exit and you'll discover a city with idiosyncrasies and a whole lot of Montana personality.

Gallery Credit: Ashley Warren

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