What Small Montana Towns Was Recently Named The Rudest In The State?

I am proud to be living in Montana, and while some people might not think I'm a true Montanan, I take a lot of pride in the state I live in.

Which is why I'm more than a little bit baffled and honestly upset that anyone could say any town in Montana is rude.

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A sign with arrows pointing different directions one saying "rude" and one saying "polite"

Maybe I Don't Know Enough About This Town

I'll admit, I have not spent a lot of time in the town that was named the rudest town in Montana by the travel blog Alot Travel, so maybe I'm the one in the wrong.

I do know, however, that this town seems to get kicked in the teeth quite regularly.

It's been named as one of the least livable towns in the state, plus it's also home to the ugliest statute in Montana, and that's just the first two articles I found. It just makes me wonder: What did this town ever do to deserve this?

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a woman raises her hands as if to say "i don't know"

Is Cut Bank, Montana Really That Bad?

That's right Alot Travel said Cut Bank is the rudest town in Montana.

Is it due to living in the coldest place in Montana?

Maybe someone who has spent more time there or grew up there can verify these claims by emailing me their opinions.

Or perhaps Montana is just a rude state overall, as evident in the gallery below.👇

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