Words Have Meanings And Power Behind Them

Have you ever said a phrase, a colloquialism, or an idiom and thought to yourself, "I wonder where that came from?"

Turns out quite a few of the phrases we say every day in Montana and America have incredibly racist backgrounds.

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Now, I am not saying that if you use these phrases, you are a racist, but you should be aware of the history behind them.

Some of them have been around for so long and seem so benign that one would not fault you for not knowing the negative connotation they can have.

However, one should always strive to learn and grow every day, so if, after seeing the phrases in the gallery below, you stop using them, good on you.

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Are These Phrases Still Common In Montana Today?

Yes, and I am guilty of saying them, just as I am sure you are as well.

What is surprising is how much the meaning behind them has changed and shifted since they were first coined years ago.

While they were at the time very racist sayings and phrases meant to ridicule and belittle minority groups, the meaning behind them today has shifted into something more modern and, dare I say, have become "white washed."

So yes, these phrases today might not be used in a racist manner, but it is still never too late to think about the words you use and the power behind them.

Commonly Used Phrases That Are Historically Racist

You'd have to look long and far to find an example of someone using these as they were originally intended today. As they were first coined to oppress, they've become universally accepted as ordinary, everyday greetings and phrases in this modern day.

Gallery Credit: Kelso


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