No Good Porch Pirates Push Montana To The Edge

I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, and you kept an eye out for strange activities or people in your neighborhood.

I am not saying I do not feel safe in Montana, but I do feel we no longer look out for our neighbors as much as we used to, and that has led to a rise in package theft due to porch pirates.

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Where Does Montana Rank When It Comes Package Theft?

It is amazing that this problem has gotten so big that the thieves that commit the crimes have been given their own nickname, porch pirates.

It's a problem all over America, and sadly, Montana is one of the worst states for having your packages stolen.

I fear that this problem is only going to get worse in the future, as more people are starting to rely on online shopping and delivery.

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What State Has The Most Porch Pirates?

As bad as package theft is in Montana, we are not the worst state in America.

Oddly enough, both Hawaii and Alaska are both the worst states for porch pirates, according to a study by iPostal1.

However, it is not like Montana is much better, as you will see by our ranking in the gallery below when it comes to this growing problem.👇

Porch Pirate Heaven: Ranking 50 States for Package Theft

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Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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