Montana Residents Own More Guns Than Any Other State

There are very few people who are indifferent when it comes to guns and gun ownership in America.

It seems you must either be 100% for or against the second amendment; there is no room for being in the middle.

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Most Montanans are pro-second amendment; yes, even very liberal people own guns in Montana.

Don't believe me; Montana ranks number one in America for gun ownership, and that only happens if both sides of the political aisle are buying them.

Just over 65% of households in Montana have at least one gun in their home, and let's be honest, most have more than that.

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An inforgraphic chart showing the 5 highest and lowest states for gun ownership
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Gun Buy Backs Have Become Popular In Recent Years

In an effort to reduce gun violence, law enforcement agencies across America have recently been participating in gun buyback programs.

During these buyback programs, you can bring your gun down for cash; other times, if you have unwanted or unused guns, you can just turn them into the police.

One of the criticisms of these gun buyback programs is that the so-called "bad guy with a gun" are not the one turning in their guns.

So, as popular and prevalent as guns are in Montana, it was pretty surprising to me when I found out that Montana ranks among the top states when it comes to voluntarily giving up their guns.

See where we rank in the gallery below. 👇

Here Are the States Where the Most People Are Giving Up Their Guns

The website Wall St 24/7 went through the data from the ATF and found the states that are giving up their guns the most.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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