Where Are Montana's Coldest And Warmest Cities

Right or wrong plenty of people have the perception that Montana is just non-stop winter.

It's a perception that residents are all too happy to embrace to keep people from moving here.

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In reality Montana has all sorts of different climates in the state.

Things in eastern Montana can be far different than what is happening in the western portion of the state.

On top of that, things can change in an instant, did you know that Loma holds the Guiness World Record for biggest temperature drop in 24 hours?

It dropped a staggering 103 degrees Fahrenheit in 1972.

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A Green Field with a Cloudy Sky darkening the sky

What is Montana's Coldest City?

If you grew up in Montana, or have spent a good amount of time in the state, you probably know by now that Cut Bank, Montana is the home to the "Coldest Spot In The Nation"

But, it's not actually the coldest city in Montana according to the website Cheapism.

If you go by average temperature during the cold winter months the following town is the coldest in Montana.

A Welcome to Montana sign located in West Yellowstone, MT

West Yellowstone, a small town on the western edge of — you guessed it — Yellowstone National Park, is the coldest spot in the state with an average low of only 20 degrees. The second-lowest temperature recorded in the U.S. was -70 degrees in Lincoln (Rogers Pass) in 1954.

What is Montana's Warmest City?

Again, according to Cheapism, the warmest city on average in Montana is also the biggest city.

The Billings Montana Skyline at dusk

The largest city in Montana is also the warmest. Billings has an average annual high of 60 degrees, which is perhaps why so many people live there.

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