Where Is The Absolutely Snowiest Place In Montana?

The one thing that new residents of Montana find out about their first winter here is just how much of the year the state is covered in snow.

While the whole state experiences some form of cold and snow, there is one place in Montana that sees more of the white stuff than any other in the state.

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You may have noticed the title didn't say CITY, and that's because it's not a city that gets the most snow each year in Montana.

That is not to say we don't have a couple of snowy cities in the Treasure State.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, both Great Falls (61.5 inches) and Billings (59.3 inches) make the top 15 snowiest cities in America.


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A Snowboarder is upside down buried in the snow while a yard stick shows the amount of snow depth

Thousands Flock To The Snowiest Place In Montana Each Winter

According to the website A-Z Animals, the snowiest place in Montana is none other than Big Sky Resort in Big Sky.

Here's what they had to say about it:

The snowiest place in Montana is Big Sky Resort, which technically isn’t a town. However, that fact is not exactly important to the thousands of visitors who arrive annually to ski on slopes that receive over 400 inches of snow annually!

That seems like a lot, but it comes up just short when you compare it to the snowiest place in America, which is Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, which receives a whopping 463.1 inches of snow a year.

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