What Can Anyone Tell Me About This "Montana!" Record I Bought?

This past weekend was "Record Store Day," where local record stores got a shipment of unique vinyl records released for this special day. It started years ago as a way to boost sales for record stores, and in the 17 years since it started, it has become quite a big deal for record collectors.

Sadly, Great Falls does not have a local record store, at least not one that I know of, but we do have plenty of vintage and thrift stores in which to purchase records. In one of those places I found quite the little treasure this weekend, but I need to know more about it.

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The front cover for "Montana!" a song released in 1973
Treasured Trash Collectibles via eBay

Finding Treasures Under The Big Sky

This weekend while doing some thrifting, I came across a record that was released in 1973 by "The Montana Banks of the First Bank System proudly present a bright new song as a gift to the people of Montana."

It was written and composed by Richard Nelson and then sung by Dick Noel, and that is all I know about it.


The back cover for "Montana!" a song released in 1973
Treasured Trash Collectibles via eBay

Anyone Know The Story Behind This Song?

When I bought the song, I thought it could have been the state song, but it was an entirely new song that I had never heard of before.

So was this song popular, or was it just a neat little gift for members of the banks listed on the back cover? I would love to know more about the history of this song. If you have information, email me so my curiosity can be satisfied.

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