Beware, Your Caller ID Can’t Save You From This New Montana Scam

If you are of a certain age, you may remember when caller ID first came around.

Before that moment, when you answered the phone, you had no idea if it was a friend at best or a telemarketer at worst.

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An old black rotary phone with the words "call me" above it

Does Anyone Answer Their Phone In Montana Anymore?

Today, most people I know don't even bother making a phone call and instead communicate through text message.

That still hasn't stopped scammers from making phone calls and preying on unsuspecting folks.

Sadly, those that still answer their phones are of the older generation and can be more susceptible to falling for these scams, and that's who this latest scam is targeting in Montana.

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An older woman holding her head in her hands after being scammed for her credit card info over the phone

Scammers Are Targeting Those With Social Security Benefits

The latest scam targets people who receive Social Security benefits, and it doesn't matter if you screen your calls with Caller ID, as they are using a trick known as spoofing.

They'll make their calls appear to be coming from the Social Security Administration and try to convince you that your benefits will cease unless you pay them the back taxes that you owe them.

They usually attempt to arrange a time to meet in person for you to pay what you owe, but in reality, they are just robbing you.

So if you get a call from someone pretending to be from a government agency and they are asking for money, hang up and immediately contact the FTC to report the fraud.

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