The Latest Scam In Montana, Of Course, Targets Senior Citizens

It seems like every week, we're being warned of some scam going around.  I feel that most of the time, these scams are put into place to target mainly senior citizens.

I was hanging with my mom the other day, and she showed me her text messages and emails so that I could see how many phishing attempts and the like she's being hit with every single day.  It was mind blowing.

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Keep in mind, I keep her number on the do not call list, I've taught her how to block numbers and I've been diligent in showing my mom all the things to do and NOT to do to keep her from being scammed.  She's very diligent since her identity was stolen, and she's still hit multiple times daily.

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The Newest Scam In Montana Targets Medicare Enrollees

As reported by KPAX TV, this scam is people calling someone on Medicare and offering free services or medical equipment then ask for the Medicare number of the person they're trying to scam.

Aging services in Cascade and Missoula Counties warn that anyone offering free products or services then asking for the Medicare Number is a major red flag.  They suggest that you hang up the phone immediately. The most common scam right now is relating to catheters and other medical equipment.

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Scammers will tell the victim that they need the Medicare information to settle their debt, provide grant money or verify medical claims.

Some of the scammers are stealing directly from the victims, some scammers are using the victims personal information to commit fraud.

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What To Do If Someone Tries To Scam Or Succeeds In Scamming You

  • If someone asks for your Medicare number in exchange for goods or services, hang up
  • Do not accept any medical equipment deliveries unless you know for sure it was ordered by a medical provider
  • Scan your Explanation of Benefits for things you didn't order or get
  • Only your providers office will ask for your information.  NO ONE ELSE that's up to good will ask
  • Call 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) if you think you've been scammed.  You can also log on here to report.

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