Where Does Montana Ranks For Public Safety

This is a tough article to write because it puts Montana in a negative light, which is something we never like to see.

That said, if we don't talk about problems and issues in our state and just avoid them, we'll never come up with any solutions to make things better.

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Montana Currently Ranks In The Bottom Half Of States When It Comes To Crime

This current ranking of crime and public safety in Montana comes courtesy of US News and World Report, so it's a very reputable source.

As of the publication date of this article, Montana currently ranks #37 for public safety, crime & corrections.

With only 50 states in America, it's pretty disappointing to see Montana rank so low.

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Is Montana Really That Dangerous?

Could our ranking be getting a bit skewed due to the crime that is happening in larger population cities like Billings or Great Falls?

I would wager most Montana residents who live in a small town would say they feel safe in their hometown.

While I don't doubt the rankings, I also think they are not an accurate picture of the day-to-day lives of the majority of people living in Montana.

What are your thoughts on these latest rankings? Let us know either through the AppChat feature on our app or email me your opinion.

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