What homes are for sale in Great Falls, MT?

While you might not be in the market to buy a house right now, that does not mean it is not fun to do some "window shopping."

Since we are "just looking" why not look at some of the biggest and best the Electric City has to offer.

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I gotta be honest, between the limited amount of houses on the market, the prices, and interest rates, I am glad I am not in the market to buy right now.

It seems like a really rough time to buy a house for the majority of Montana residents, and in reality most Americans.

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Housing prices in Great Falls, MT?

This list is going to be a bit skewed as we are only going to be highlighting the most expensive homes for sale on the website Realtor.

If two houses have the same listing price then the tie breaker goes to the house with the most square footage.

Of the ten house we are about to show you, only three are below the one million dollar mark.

A check made out for 1 million dollars

I had no idea that Great Falls had this many houses in that price range.

With places like Bozeman and Whitefish getting too expensive for most Montanans, Great Falls might be the next "big thing." in real estate.

With prices potentially continuing to rise over the next few years we might look at these homes as "cheap."

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