Do You Know If It's Legal To Ride In The Back Of A Pickup Truck

With so many pickups on Montana roads, it's really not that surprising to see people riding in the back of them.

It's also way easier to jump into the bed of the pickup truck when working in the fields, but is it legal to ride back there?

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What Are The Rules Surrounding Riding In The Back Of Pickup In Montana?

I cannot begin to count how many times I rode in the back of a pickup truck growing up in South Dakota.

It wasn't just my friends and me being young and stupid either; even my parents would let me ride back there at times.

When it comes to whether it's legal or not in Montana, this is one of those times where there's not really a yes-or-no answer to that question.

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It's Illegal To Ride In The Back Of A Pick In Montana, With Exceptions

So yes, first off, it is illegal to ride in the back of a pickup truck if all you're doing is driving down the road.

Yet, according to Montana law, there are exceptions to the rule.

 (a)  a passenger child subject to the provisions of 61-9-420;

(b)  a passenger actually engaged in work activities during the course and scope of employment;

(c)  a pickup truck the bed of which is enclosed by a camper or other hard cover;

(d)  a truck participating in a parade;

(e)  an emergency situation; or

(f)  a passenger wearing a seatbelt and occupying a seat that is firmly and adequately attached to the truck.

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