Can Dogs Legally Ride In The Bed of A Pickup In Montana?

I'm going to first off apologize to all the cat lovers out there.

I didn't find the answer to whether or not cats can ride in the back of pickup, because I've never seen a cat ride down the highway in the back of a pickup.

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If you've got a cat that does ride in the back of a truck like a farm dog, I'd love to see a picture.

Send it to us through our AppChat feature on our App.

So a  little while back Big Billy answered the question, "Can You Legally Ride In The Bed of A Pickup In MT?"

He found out that, yep it's illegal. With a few exceptions of course, as there always is.

But, it got me thinking, what about dogs?

Montana has plenty of farmers and ranchers in the state, and nothing keeps a farmer or rancher company better than a dog.

Little boy in a field wearing an oversized cowboy hat holding a puppy

So is it illegal when those pups "load up" and hop in the bed of the work truck?

According to the website Pets That Travel

There is no law in Montana which requires dog car restraint methods to be used during transportation.

So there you go, it's completely legal for your pooch to ride in the back without any sort of restraints.

Personally, I like my dog riding shotgun up front with me.

That way I can give scratches whenever I want.

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