Unplug And Unwind: Exploring The Best Scenic Drives Of Montana

The secret is out: Montana has some of the best visuals in the lower 48.

People from all over the world come to Montana to drive some of our highways just for the views, but which drive is the best?

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Is Going-To-The-Sun Road The Best In Montana?

Most outsiders coming to Montana are probably heading to the Big Sky State to drive the Going-To-The-Sun Road.

It's been described in numerous publications as not only the best in Montana but one of the top scenic drives in America as well.

Yet I wonder: do most Montanans think it's the best in the state, or are there other drives worth your gas money?

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See The Top 16 Most Scenic Drives In Montana

While we won't argue that Going-to-the-Sun Road is beautiful, the fact that it's only open for a limited time each year could be holding it back from the top spot.

Plenty of Montana residents will tell you their favorite scenic drive is the Beartooth Highway.

To be honest, I think driving any stretch of highway in Montana can be not only scenic but also a great way to recharge from the stress of daily life.

So put together a mix tape, gas up the car, buy some snacks, and hit the road on one of the following 16 drives deemed the most scenic in Montana.

BEAUTIFUL: These Are The Best Scenic Drives In Montana

Thanks to Stacker we know now that these are the 16 most scenic drives in Montana according to Trip Advisor.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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