What Is the Most Feared Road In Montana?

There are thousands of miles of highways in Montana, thanks in part to the size of our state.

In total, there are 150,446 total lane miles stretching all across Montana, but there is one 50-mile stretch of highway that is the most feared in the entire state.

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Who Said This Was The Most Feared Road In Montana?

A car dealership out of Florida named Gunther Mitsubishi asked 3,000 road-trippers what road was the most feared in each state.

The most feared road in America, according to respondents, is US Route 285 in New Mexico, thanks to limited services and a lack of towns.

So what was the reason behind the selection they made for Montana, and just how scary is this road?

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Going To The Sun Road In Montana

This Road Was Ranked The 11th Scariest In America

Going to the Sun Road was deemed the most feared road in Montana and the 11th most feared road in America as well.

It's a bit funny that it was named the most feared road in the state, due to the fact that it has also been named one of the best drives in all of America.

With its narrow lanes and steep cliffs in places, I can see how someone thinks this is a scary drive; however, to most Montana residents, it's not to be feared.

If you want my advice, take the shuttle so you can enjoy the views without worrying about driving.

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