I had no idea that when I set out to find out the most dangerous road in Montana, that I'd find out it was 666 miles long. It's probably a road you've driven on numerous times as well. It's a highway that runs across America with Montana having the most mileage of all.

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Flex Fleet Rental has put together each states most dangerous road. When I first opened the website I figured Montana Highway 200 would be the most dangerous as it's one of the most traveled roads in the state.

What Montana road is the most dangerous in the state?


That would be US Highway 2. US Highway 2 runs along the northern portion of the state and follows along with BNSF Railway's Northern Transcon route. It also passes just south of Glacier National Park.

Each year US Highway 2 has an average of 15 deaths per year.

Now I don't think this highway is cursed because it's 666 miles long. It was more of a "whoa" moment for me when I was researching the information. Highway 87 on the other hand might be a different story.

What about neighboring states?

How does our dangerous road compare to our neighbors? We'll go from safest to most dangerous

  • South Dakota US Highway 18 - 5 Deaths
  • North Dakota US Highway 2 - 10 Deaths
  • Idaho US 95 - 16 Deaths
  • Wyoming - I-80 21 Deaths
  • Washington - I-5 26 Deaths

Did you notice US Highway 2 was also the most dangerous road for North Dakota as well? As for the most dangerous road in America? That would be US Highway 1 in Florida, an average of 108 people die each year on that road.

If you'd like to see other states most dangerous road, check out this article from Flex Fleet Rental.

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