Cheap? In Montana? You Must Be Kidding

I'll be honest this article is going to be a bit of a Trojan Horse.

Don't worry I'll tell you what towns the website Business Insider listed as the "7 Cheapest Places To Live In Montana" are, but I wanted to discuss something else.

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With property taxes exploding for the majority of home owners this year, not to mention the 28% rate hike on energy costs it begs the question.

Is there any place in Montana that it's cheap to live? I mean cheap, not affordable, but actually cheap?

There is a reason the towns you'll see on the list can be considered cheap, but with articles from Business Insider, and yes I'll admit even this one, how much longer will they be?

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The montana flag flaps in the wind while a for sale sign is next to it

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One of the biggest reasons these places can be considered cheap, is most of the time, they are far away from access to numerous amenities.

That can be shopping or medical care, just to name a couple. When you have to drive and take time off work to take care of these things, that ends up costing you more in the long run.

However, that doesn't matter to someone who is already wealthy and is buying up property for thousands over asking sight unseen, which is what has been happening in some of these more sparsely populated areas lately.

In time, that just forces those who have been living there for years to end up having to move due to increased property values being pushed out of their range.

I realize I'm probably preaching to choir, but it's a real concern for most of us I'm sure.

Oh, and in case you were curious about what are the 7 Cheapest Places To Live In Montana, check out the gallery below. 👇

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