Tuesday, Cascade County District Court Judge David Grubich ruled that

The cultivation and sale of adult-use cannabis [are] authorized by state law within Cascade County, including within the City of Great Falls.

And he ordered that the city process paperwork as soon as possible. (See below how to vote whether in favor or against pot in Great Falls)

Here's the story;

Earlier this year, the owners of Green Creek Dispensary got a location in Great Falls and were following proper procedure to open.  When it came time for a safety inspection, the fire department refused the inspection, and referred them to Great Falls City Attorney Jeff Hindoien.  Then in March, they were denied their application by Great Falls City Manager, Greg Doyon. Doyon said:

[A]lthough the State of Montana has now legally authorized certain activities relating to adult-use marijuana […] there have been no changes on the federal law front with respect to marijuana-related activities


Now, it's up to us, the voters

When you're voting on November 8, you'll be deciding if we want a 3% sales tax on adult recreational pot AND if we will allow stores in the city limits.

Watch the wording on the ballot

If you are AGAINST pot shops in the city limits you vote FOR it.

If you are FOR pot shops in the city limits you vote AGAINST it.  

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This whole year pot has been in the spotlight in Great Falls.

Keep in mind, in 2020 voters in Cascade County voted FOR recreational pot to be sold in the city 54.7% FOR and 45.3% AGAINST.  Then, this year, there was a petition and signature campaign by Safe Montana to outlaw recreational marijuana in the county circulating.  (They also tried this ban in Yellowstone County, and lost miserably.) They didn't even come CLOSE to gathering enough signatures to make us vote on pot for a THIRD TIME. Who could forget professional gas-lighter, Julie Bass and her ridiculous articles to gas-light you into her way of thinking.  My favorite, and this isn't quite a quote, was when I was talking to her at Farmer's Market, pointed out that voters have approved pot not once but twice, and SHE pointed out that a lot of the people against it didn't vote in that election. 

Click here to make sure you're registered to vote



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