You might know Hollywood is doing a remake of the throat-ripping 1989 blockbuster movie, Roadhouse, but did you know Dalton is from Montana in the new version?

At first, this seems like a Hollywood move jumping even more on the Montana train. Are they trying to appeal to an even wider audience than the Yellowstone series has started? It seems like we are in the 'hot' state right now for movies and big television series, even though most of these shows aren't even filmed in Montana. 

So, how believable would it be for the new Dalton character in the Roadhouse remake to be from Montana? Well, pretty believable, actually. We've had some pretty amazing MMA fighters come out of Montana like "Sugar" Sean O'Malley from Helena, and his training partner, Tim "Cheap Shot" Welch from Missoula, and even Keith Jardine from Butte, America.

Now, I'm a big fan of the original movie, but not really a big fan of a remake like this. If it's not broken don't fix it, right? So when the filmmakers actually shot a part of their movie at a recent large UFC event, I was blown away when Jake Gyllenhaal walked into the ring looking extremely jacked. Could this be an actual creative and thought-out movie plot? "Dalton" is now a UFC fighter instead of an NYU philosophy major. What about his back story though? Where is the new "Dalton" from?  Well, it turns out he's from Missoula! I'm not kidding. It also sounds like he will be playing the son of  James Dalton (Patrick Swayze). Check out the Instagram video below and listen closely to Bruce Buffer doing his line for the movie "Fighting out of Missoula, Montana, the challenger, Elwood Dalton"!

Ya, it gave me some goosebumps too. Now, I'm sure Hollywood is going to just use the name of our beloved Montana city, and nothing will actually be shot here, or any money spent to help out the local economy. As I said, we're the "hot" new thing for filmmakers, but at this point I kind of wish they would just leave Montana alone and let us try and fix our housing crisis instead of making it worse.


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