We all know that Montana is a great place to grow up. Montana is also a great place for people who like great food. With the cattle industry and a wide assortment of agriculture, we are within easy reach of amazing ingredients. Even Montana youths are developing some amazing skills in whipping up a gourmet meal. And we don't mean Mac n Cheese out of a box.

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My son has been cooking our family a complete dinner every Thursday for the past few months. I do my best to supervise his knife skills, and when he is near a hot burner. Other than that, I give him free rein in the kitchen, which gives him a chance to get creative and have fun cooking. As he gets more and more confident each week, we get more and more surprisingly gourmet dishes. All are composed by an 11-year-old chef.

If you have a little chef at home, Master Chef Junior is casting for a new season on Fox. Simply put together a short video of your kiddo working some culinary magic, and you could be face-to-face with Gordon Ramsay.



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