For the last several years, people have been moving to Montana at a pretty rapid pace. Whether it's for the beautiful scenery combined with many outdoor activities, or it's because they watched a bunch of episodes of Yellowstone, it doesn't seem like the "Montana Migration" is going away anytime soon.

This has caused a few "growing pains" for many Montanans as change is often hard for some folks.

So what about the people thinking about moving to Montana? What advice do Montanans have for those coming to the last best place? We asked, and the locals answered.

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Many of the answers were cheerful and helpful. For many "newbies", Montana may be the coldest place they've ever lived.  So, if you're moving here from a warm weather state, you should know that winter is real and it gets well below zero on many Montana days.

John Morrison
John Morrison

One Montanan has the following to say:

1. Good pair of warm waterproof boots for snow/ice
2. Wool socks to wear with those boots
3. A good warm waterproof winter coat
4. Good set of tires type of tire depends on the vehicle you are driving
5. If don’t already learn to love whiskey, it helps keep you warm 
6. Be kind and enjoy this beautiful place.
A few folks suggested that folks moving here get out and see the whole state.  Montana is not only one of the biggest states in the nation, but it also has all kinds of different terrain and areas to explore.
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Then there is the other side of the spectrum.  More than one Montanan didn't have the most hospitable response. In fact, several folks let their opinion of what they thought about people moving here be known.
The following negative responses were the most popular.
Go back to where you came from.
We're full.
Of course, in the end, people will continue to move here and Montanans will continue to be frustrated by it.  For many it comes down to this, don't move to Montana and think you're going to change it. If you want things to be like they were "back home" then maybe you should think about saying back home.
The truth is, Montana isn't for everyone, and personally, I'm thankful for that.

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