I have mentioned plenty of times I did not grow up in Montana, but I grew up in South Dakota which there is not a whole lot of difference.  We're both land locked states, with a heavy dependence on agriculture and tourism.

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When I was in high school our church group went to Chicago in year redacted and everyone thought we rode horses everywhere still. They also thought we did not have electricity or indoor plumbing either.

That interaction is why I recently asked on Facebook "What is the best response you've heard when you said 'I'm from Montana'"

Keep scrolling to see the 20 Best Responses To The Phrase ‘I’m From Montana’ 👇

And just like my experience so many of you said "I was asked if we rode horses everywhere." I blame Yellowstone for the perpetuation that we still all ride horses. Speaking of Yellowstone, that was another common answer "oh like from Yellowstone," or even better "isn't that in Yellowstone?"


I cannot blame them, as I am sure if someone from Florida told me "I am from Florida" I would make some comment like "is there alligators everywhere?" It is just frustrating sometimes when the perception of Montana is that we are still living in the "wild west" dust bowl era or something.

I also have to say, I was much more relieved reading the responses to THIS question I asked than the one previous. 😅

Keep scrolling to see the 20 Best Responses To The Phrase ‘I’m From Montana’ 👇

20 Best Responses To The Phrase ‘I’m From Montana’

We asked you what were the best responses you've ever heard when you replied "I'm from Montana." Here are some of the funniest ones you guys provided, and make sure to add your own so we can add more in the future!

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