This recent nasty weather got me thinking: When was the last significant winter storm in April here in Great Falls?

There were a few Aprils when Mother Nature threw out some doozies, but the most recent significant storm that impacted Great Falls was in 2019. 

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Great Falls Weather April 28th, 2019

The late April snowstorm of 2019 was far from the most extreme we've witnessed late in the season here in Montana, but nonetheless, it was still significant.

After reviewing the almanac data, temperatures appear to be the most significant impact of the storm.

The Great Falls Tribue did an excellent write-up on the event, which you can find here

April Snow and Cold In Montana

On April 28th, 2019, a winter storm system produced four inches of snow in Great Falls, allowing for a daytime high temperature of 32 degrees and an overnight low of 18.

It is not quite a record-setter for temperatures, but it is close.

The previous low temperature was set in 1907 at 13 degrees.

The previous snow record on that day was set back in 1967 with 32 inches of snow!

Great Falls Almanac April 28th, 2024

But Wait, There's More

The coldest temperatures were set in the early morning hours on April 29th, 2019.

That temperature was a record breaker, with a recorded low of 13 degrees.

Again, it was by no means crazy extreme, but it was still pretty chilly for the season. 

Great Falls Almanac April 29th, 2019

Cold Snap Impacts

The most significant impact of this recent cold snap will be on the vegetation.

Many plants have begun to bud out, and the colder temperatures can certainly wreak havoc on them!

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