Our next fairly significant weather system will move into Montana throughout Friday.

This weather system is expected to bring widespread moisture to a good chunk of north central Montana.

Rain Totals This Weekend
Great Falls National Weather Service

Rain Totals This Weekend

Some of the higher elevations are expected to receive decent snowfall.

However, most of the snowpack will be in southwestern Montana.

Anticipated Rain Totals
Great Falls National Weather Service

Anticipated Rain Totals

Colder air from Canada will also drop into the state, helping to instigate snowfall into the higher elevations and keeping the temperatures cooler throughout north central Montana.

Great Falls Weekend Weather Forecast

The skies will remain mostly cloudy, with showers in the area. Daytime highs are expected into the upper 50s. The wind will be pretty non-existent, a slight breeze out of the west. The overall chance of precipitation is around 60%.
Saturday Night
Lingering showers are expected Saturday night, becoming more scattered as the evening continues. Temperatures overnight will remain in the op 30s. A light breeze out of the northwest is expected, shifting to the southwest after midnight.
Sunshine will return to the region, allowing daytime highs to reach the low 60s. The wind will pick up as high-pressure rebuilds across the area. Wind gusts are expected out of the west-southwest up to 25 mph.
Sunday Night
A few clouds will return to the region, but we should stay dry with overnight lows again into the upper 30s. The wind will remain brisk out of the west, gusting around 20 mph.

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