Just when you thought the mild spring weather was about to stick around for a while here in the Treasure State, Mother Nature had other ideas.

An area of low pressure and an associated batch of colder air is on track to impact Montana this evening, 4/16, and stick with us as we head toward the weekend.

The main impacts will be wind, snow, and a step temperature drop.

Big Weather Chnages

Montana Wind Forecast

The wind will pick up throughout Tuesday and is expected to gust around 30 to 40 mph in most areas.

A few isolated areas may see wind gusts over 50 mph, especially along the Rocky Mountain Front.

As the cold front settles in overnight, the westerly wind will transition to a more northerly flow.

Winter Weather Impacts
Great Falls National Weather Service Office


Winter Weather Impacts

Montana Snow Forecast

The incoming cold front will result in widespread rain for most of Northcentral Montana and will switch to snow overnight.

Forecast models have been relatively consistent with the snow totals for our area.

The Rocky Mountain Front and area mountains will catch the brunt of the snow and likely pick up roughly 3 to 8 inches.

The snow totals will be more significant in the southwestern mountain ranges, likely ranging from 6 to 14 inches.

The lower elevations will likely see around an inch or two.

Incoming Cold Fronts
Great Falls National Weather Service Office


Incoming Cold Fronts

Montana Temperatures Forecast

The overnight lows are the main talking point due to new vegetation growth.

They will fall well below freezing tonight to the 20s and remain below freezing until the weekend.

Daytime high temperatures will stay in the upper 30s and low 40s throughout Northcentral Montana.

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