Montana consists of 145,552 square miles, and needless to say, it is relatively remote.


With a population of just over a million people, the cattle far outnumber the folks that call the Treasure State home.

So, when it comes to communication, Montana definitely has a few shortfalls. 

Cell Phones In Montana

My cell phone is knocking on death's doorstep, so it's just about upgrade time for me.

That said, I wondered what company truly has the best coverage here in Montana.

After all, there are many of them to pick from, and they all claim to be the best. 

As soon as I started looking into which cell phone company is the best for Montana, I quickly realized it's not a very straightforward answer.

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Cell Phone Coverage In Montana

I've had Verison for a long time and haven't experienced any glaring issues.

However, there are definitely are a few drop-out spots, such as the hill going to my house, for some strange reason, but overall, the service seems decent.

To futher investigate the quesiton I used the website

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Best Cell Phone Provider In Montana

According to, all the major carriers are evenly matched when it comes to the best overall cell phone company for Montana.

The website looks at coverage, data speeds, and reliability of the providers here in Montana.

But, according to the website, AT&T is the best overall provider for Montana. 

Breakdown of AT&T coverage in Montana according to

  • Total coverage area: 65.2%
  • Great reception: 13.8%
  • Good reception: 21.6%
  • Poor reception: 29.8%
  • No coverage: 34.8%

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