What is Code Red?

Code Red is an alert system used to notify the public when an emergencies occurs. This notification system, that was purchased by Cascade County, allows the Cascade County office of Disaster & Emergency, to notify citizens quickly, on a large scale. These emergency notifications can range from evacuation notices, missing person alerts, and shelter in place information. These alerts can be sent by text, email, or even a phone call.

County DES director Brad Call stated

"Code Red is an amazingly important system that we use here in Cascade County. This is an emergency notification system that Cascade County has purchased to inform citizens about various things disasters, large scale emergencies, evacuation notices, missing person alerts and shelter in place information."

The code Red system is free, but in order to get the alerts, you need to register. Your contact information will be kept private and confidential. You will only be sent notifications during emergencies, you will not be contacted for anything else. Businesses are encouraged to sign up as well.

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Code Red has been providing these emergency notifications since 1998 throughout the United States.  On average there are 200 notifications sent out daily to communities across the US. These messages are in regards to safety, property or welfare of your community, AMBER alerts, shelter in place, emergency action, evacuation notices, and boil water orders.

Stay in the loop and sign up for CODE RED today.

Visit the City of Great Falls website for more information.  

Sign up for Code Red here.

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