Best Montana towns under 10,000 population?

When your state is the 4th biggest state in the Nation, yet you're bottom 10 for population, there are going to be lots of small towns dotting the map.

Those small towns were perfect candidates for a recent list put out by the website Far And Wide titled "Best U.S. Towns With Fewer Than 10,000 Residents."

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In reality almost every single town in Montana could have qualified for this list as there are only 8 places with a population of greater than 10,000 in the whole state.

But, alas, Far and Wide only picked two Montana towns to be on their list.

The list is in order of population, so don't think the rank has anything to do with popularity, considering the #1 town has a population of 1.

#94 Whitefish Montana

the sign for whitefish high school outside of the school

Population: 7,751

Why it's a great small town: If you’ve ever seen pictures of Glacier National Park, then you won’t need anyone to convince you that a visit to Whitefish, one of its main gateway towns, is worthwhile. Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains and blessed with the expansive Whitefish Lake, sometimes it’s hard to believe this town is actually real.

 #42 Big Sky Montana

stores in a row in Big Sky Montana

Population: 2,308

Why it’s a great small town: Big Sky is big in many ways. For starters, it literally has a big sky, as the relatively low light pollution makes for incredible star-gazing opportunities. It also boasts big opportunities for skiing, with four mountains of downhill and nordic trails.

If you'd like to see the other towns that made the list, check them out here.

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