What is Montana's fastest shrinking city?

Not to be all chicken little, but a few years ago, I think we all thought the sky was falling when it came to population growth under the Big Sky.

From 2020 to 2022 we saw massive growth in population as we finally went over 1 million residents here in Montana.

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Montana Population Growth Is Slowing Down

While Montana is still gaining people we have slowed down considerably since the boom we saw that both the pandemic and popularity of "Yellowstone" brought us.

In 2023 our population growth had slowed down to just 0.9% from the year prior according to the website Montana Free Press.

So while the state might still be growing there should be some concern for one town in Montana that is losing more people each year than they are gaining.

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This Montana Town Keeps Decreasing In Population

The website Travel A Lot took a look at a the census data for every town in each state to find what town was the fastest shrinking town in each state, and in Montana that town is Sidney.

Sidney at the 2020 census had 6,331 today they are at 5,971 according to World Population Review.

Losing 360 people in 4 years might not seem like much, but if that keeps up in less than 2 decades Sidney would be a ghost town.

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