What Is The Best Rural Town In Montana?

Today, when people outside of Montana think of our state, I would argue most think of the TV show "Yellowstone."

If I had one complaint about the show Yellowstone, other than that it makes people want to move here, it's that the commutes were never realistic. It seems every town was just a mile down the road, and that frustrated me to no end.

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Montana Is Full Of Small Rural Communities

Those of us who live and work in Montana know that there is plenty of miles to drive between those larger cities, and during that drive you'll find plenty of rural towns along the way.

These small rural communities are truly the hidden gems of Montana, and full of people that most would consider to be the backbone of our state.

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YouTuber Makes A List Of The 7 Best Rural Towns In Montana

A content creator on YouTube who goes by the name "World According To Briggs" put out a video in which he discussed what he thought were the 7 best rural towns in Montana.

He cites access to health care, internet reliability, and crime rate statistics when determining which town lands where in his rankings.

While it's hard to get a true grasp on what makes a town special without stepping foot in the town, I don't think he is too far off because these towns are some of the best small rural towns in our state.

So check out the 7 best rural towns in the gallery below, and if you feel he's missed a town, let us know through the app or email me your suggestion.

The 7 Best Rural Towns In All Of Montana

These are the 7 best rural towns in Montana according to YouTuber "World According To Briggs"

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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