What Small Montana Town Is In The Running For Best In The West?

Living in a state that is considered a "fly-over" state, lots of times we get left out of conversations or overlooked when it comes to being the "best of."

That's not the case now as a panel of experts has put one small Montana town in the running to be named the "Best Small Town In The West."

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USA Today Named This Montana Town One Of The Best In The West

Not only is this small Montana town in the running to be named the best small town in the west, but we can actually affect the outcome of this online poll.

That's because right now there are 20 nominees, and if the town gets enough votes, they'll be one of the final 10 on the USA Today 10Best Readers' Choice list for 2024.

So, you're probably wondering what town it is that could possibly be named "Best Small Town In The West."

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bold red lettering saying "Whitefish, MT"

Whitefish, Montana Could Be Named Best Small Town In The West

Whitefish has found itself on numerous lists of the best small towns in America in recent years, so it really should be no surprise that they are included here.

As of the publication of this article, Whitefish is currently in 12th place, so we've got to make sure we vote and push it into the Top 10 by April 1st.

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