At any given moment in the next few weeks, you may have a knock on your door by a young teenager looking for any type of work that you may have for them.  Summertime job season for kids is almost upon is, with school ending in just over a month in the Electric City.  Oftentimes, we think of simple jobs for kids.  The yardwork, be it mowing the lawn, raking the gardens or planting beds.  Easy stuff.  But kids can do so much more than just those easy projects in our home.

Getting Kids Out and Experiencing the Work World and Workplace

I grew up doing some of those basic things that most kids will do growing up.  Mowing lawns at the houses at our ranch, or simply being employed by the ranch itself.  Driving tractor, fixing fence, moving cattle, etc.  It's great if you live in the country.  But in the city, what are those jobs that kids can take on as a teen?  Having them in a workplace environment will help them further in their later years learning what it takes to keep up with the everyday "fun" of having a job.

Where to Send Them to Get in on the Big Bucks of Summer Work

The job employment website recently had recommendations as to which jobs are the best for teenagers.  When combing the list for unique jobs, there wasn't anything that really stood out, but you will notice many of these jobs listed are available right now in Great Falls for anyone to apply for, not just teenagers.

What other jobs can best suit teenagers?  Hit us up in the comments on our social media, use our appchat feature in our downloadable app below or email us your suggestions here.

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