Depending on your age, you probably have a few words in your vocabulary that were looked upon a little weird when you used them around older people in the room.

I am sure that both my parents wondered what I was talking about if I said something was "totally tublar" or "rad".  I could probably use those same words today and they would still give me a deer in the headlights look.

So, for parents of today's children, let's make it a little easier for you to understand what in the world our children, grandchildren and more are saying to us.

Catch Phrases, Favorite Sayings, The Lingo Always Changes, But the Meanings?

Many times, it may be a new word that you hear in reference to something.  If it was cool, it was "far out".  Or maybe it was "so far out" that it was "groovy."  While the word, maybe changes each generation, the definitions of those words pretty much hold true to its original meaning.  Even if those new words seem made up out of random letters from the alphabet.

How Many of These Terms Have You Heard Used Recently in Your Day?

Let's break down 10 of the latest terms that are being used in kid's lingo in today's times according to a survey by Mentos Gum:

10)  Caught - a nice body or nice face

9)  Boujee - something luxurious: "this restaurant is so boujee"

8)  Peng - someone or something very attractive or desirable: "that is peng"

7)  Shocked - shocked when you can't believe something - "I'm shocked"

6)  Aired - to be ignored: "I texted her all day, but she aired me"

5)  Charge it Up - accept it and move on: "I'm heartbroken" - "well, charge it up"

4)  This tastes different - something out of the ordinary or better than usual

3)  It hits - when something is desirable or good:  "this meal hits"

2)  Leng - describes a beautiful object or person: "the guy is leng" or "this painting is leng"

1)  Choong - describes someone who is attractive: "the girl on the train was choong"

There you have it, 10 of the most common lingo terms in today's vocabulary.  How many have you heard or used?  Hit us op on our socials, the appchat feature on the downloadable app or email me here.

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