Twitter Rebrand Auctioning Off Piece Of Montana

As Elon Musk continues to raze everything associated with Twitter, now known as X, an upcoming auction has a unique Montana item up for sale.

And before you think, "I could probably never afford it," everything listed has the opening bid starting at just $25.

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While I will never understand why Elon Musk has decided to blow up one of the most recognizable brands in the world, his decision could allow you to bid on an interesting piece of Montana.

Sure it might not be the most practical thing in the world, but say you get it for $50, it would make for a pretty cool story to tell people that this item used to be in the Twitter, or X offices.

So what is this piece of Montana that X, formerly known as Twitter, is auctioning off?

"The Lodge" and item up for bid in the Twitter auction is made from a reclaimed barn in Montana
Heritage Global Partners photos

"The Lodge" is a 20x20 seating booth.

Inside you'll find four tables and some L-Shaped benches.

It's what it's made of that might make it of interest to us here in Montana.

Apparently it's been constructed from an old repurposed barn from Montana.

There are also quite a few 50" NEC Screens each with Crestron Controllers inside of it, which could make for quite a media room.

Inside of the "The Lodge" up for sale in the Twitter Auction
Heritage Global Partners photos

While most of us won't have a need for most of the items up for auction; I would love to own this piece of Montana history for myself.

Check out all the other unique and fascinating pieces up for sale in this auction in the gallery below. 👇

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