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Saint Marie's Air Force Roots

Saint Marie was initially established as an Air Force Base just north of Glasgow. Today, the facility stands unused mainly and is commonly known as Glasgow Industrial Airport, serving as a test site for Boeing Aircraft Designs.

Birth of Glasgow Air Force Base

The story began in 1955 when construction commenced on the Glasgow Air Force Base. The United States Air Force recognized the need for an additional base in Montana, and Glasgow emerged as the ideal location. By 1957, the base was fully operational, boasting essential buildings and an 8,900-foot runway, later extended to an impressive 13,500 feet. Remarkably, this was the last Air Force Base ever constructed.

Aircraft Legacy

According to during its active years, Glasgow Air Force Base housed various aircraft, including the McDonnell F-101B Voodoo, Boeing B-52 Bombers, Boeing KC-135 Tankers, B-52C Bombers, B-52D Bombers, and KC-135A Aircraft. Unfortunately, the base closed its doors in 1968, marking the end of its role as an operational United States Air Force Base.

A Town Rises: St. Marie, Montana

Despite the closure, the legacy of Glasgow Air Force Base lives on through the town of St. Marie, Montana. In 1976, the former on-base housing areas were purchased and offered for sale to private individuals.

Boeing's Continued Presence

The transformation didn't end with the closure of the base. The Boeing Company now owns most of the former Glasgow Air Force Base, operating it as the Boeing Glasgow Flight Test Facility.

Diverse Uses Over the Years

Throughout its history, Glasgow Air Force Base served various purposes, including functioning as a SAC dispersal base and an Army Safeguard ABM depot. The base witnessed different command structures, including the Air Defense Command, Central Air Defense Force, 29th Air Division (Defense), Minot Air Defense Sector, and Strategic Air Command.

St. Marie Montana

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