Any amount of time on social media will present you with a myriad of weird things to click on in your feeds.  For example, being a golfer, my feed is constantly filled with advertisements of the latest in golf gear or accessories.  Some of them seem pretty viable, but others tend to lead themselves to almost unbelievable claims or deals on pricing.

If you surf the big old world wide web, looked up something, you've probably seen them come across your feed as well.  This latest scam tries to capitalize on our need to stay cool and sticky all at once.

You scream, I scream, we all scream when we encounter identity theft.

Don't Fall for the Too Good to Be True Stories or Advertising

We all love a good deal.  No doubt about it, especially with today's current inflation and cost of living.  So, when you see something that might save you some money, headache or even time, you might try to gravitate towards it.  Do yourself a favor and research those companies before just typing in your credit card.  Even if it means free ice cream.

I mean, c'mon, what company is going to give away ice cream, for free?

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Here Is What You Need to Be on the Lookout for This Time Around

A new fake posting coming across Facebook is offering people two free buckets of ice cream from the company Blue Bell Ice CreamIt's false everyone!

The fraudulent post asks users to post comments for the free ice cream.  The Blue Bell Ice Cream company says that they aren't doing any such promotion.  Scammers are attempting to try and collect personal data and even your bank information.

Don't fall for these social media scams.  If they are asking for personal information, credit or bank information, always be aware that the chances of this being an attempt at identity theft is very much a possibility.  Be aware of fake websites or advertisements on any website that you frequent, especially if those ads are unwanted or not subscribed to.

As you peruse your bank bill to make sure you haven't been taken advantage of recently, check out the following gallery about our favorite ice creams across the nation.

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