If you haven't had enough winter weather, another weather system will impact Montana this weekend.

Montana Weekend Weather Outlook

A second cold front is forecasted to move through the area on Saturday, bringing snow and breezy conditions.

While winds are expected to remain below high wind criteria, gusty conditions along the southwestern Montana passes may still impact high-profile, lightweight vehicles.

Wind Chills

Over the weekend, many areas along the Rocky Mountain front and hi-line are projected to experience overnight lows near or below zero, accompanied by sustained winds ranging from 15 to 25 mph.

Snow Totals This Weekend

Higher elevation zones along the Rocky Mountain front and south-central Montana may see a few winter weather advisories from Saturday into Sunday.

The lower elevations are expected to receive less than 2 inches of snowfall.

The Hi-line from Hill to Blaine counties, including the Bear Paws, may also see a few winter weather advisories.

Forecast models have been a bit inconsistent with the anticipated snow in this region; however, the International Border in southern Saskatchewan will likely continue to see higher snowfall amounts.

March 2nd weekend snow totals
Great Falls National Weather Service

Long-Term Weather Outlook

Looking ahead to next week, another round of light snow is expected for mountainous areas starting Monday afternoon and lasting into Wednesday morning.

Accumulations of less than 2 inches are anticipated for higher elevations, with up to 4 inches possible near Marias Pass.

Warmer and drier conditions are forecasted to return during the second half of the week as the trough progresses eastward.

The latest guidance from the Climate Prediction Center suggests near-normal temperatures and precipitation for much of the region in March, with the potential for drought development along the northern plains of Montana.

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