Popular Taco Joint To Close In Great Falls

It's not secret that tacos and all Mexican food is very popular in Montana.

Sadly, soon Great Falls will be losing a very popular place to grab some of the best Mexican food in town.

According to The Electric a downtown taco restaurant will cease operations on Sept 15th.

Not only are the owners selling the business they are also selling their franchise rights as well.

So, what taco joint that has been a mainstay of downtown Great Falls for the past 15 years will soon shut their doors?

The entrance to Taco del Sol in downtown Great Falls

Taco del Sol

Owners Thom Trunkle and Kelly Keilman said the timing was just right,

“It’s certainly bittersweet,” Trunkle said in a release. “I can’t express enough how much we’ll miss the entire experience— from our incredibly loyal customers and staff to the other downtown business owners, restauranteurs, vendors and residents. It’s been a great 15 years!”

If you happen to have any unused gift certificates don't worry you'll still be able to use them until the closing date of September 15th.

They are going to redeem anyone who thinks they might not be able to use them, or make it to the restaurant before the closing date.

To do so mail them to,

Taco del Sol Great Falls, P.O. Box 3065 Great Falls, MT 59401 for redemption. Include your name, telephone number and mailing address. For questions, email tdsgfmt@gmail.com.

Finally owner Tom Trunkle said the last week of operation will be

“part party, part wake,” Trunkle said. “For sure, we’ll have all kinds of specials, blowouts and farewells…it’ll be tough to say goodbye to so many special people and memories.”

While we're sad to see such a great place to eat shut down we hope the owners enjoy their retirement.

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