It's March Madness.  That time of the year when it's all about brackets and basketball.  Even people who don't know jack about sports are talking about the games and talking about their brackets.  It's, well, madness.

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Coors is bringing the chill, but it's only through March.  While you're thinking about how much your bracket sucks, you can suck on this; a Coors-flavored popsicle, the Coors-icle. Check it out:

According to the press release,

"Coor-icles are non-alcoholic beer-flavored popsicles to make sure beer fans stay chill when things get heated during the madness of college basketball. The Coor-icle is intended for consumers aged 21+ and will be available for a limited time during the tournament season."

You can pick up a Coor-icles at over 800 bars, but they're only here for March Madness.  You can also order them online on the Coors website.  They're a tad pricey, about twenty bucks for 6 of those cold, non-alcoholic boys. I can get a hundred otter pops for about a quarter of the price.  Just sayin'.  Then, I can wash it down with a frosty adult beverage.

You tube/Coors
You tube/Coors

For me, the non-alcohol part is the game changer.  Honestly, beer isn't my favorite flavor.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes there's nothing like an ice cold bottle of beer.  As far as a frozen treat goes, I don't see the yum in this.  And there's no pay-off if it's N/A.  At least those frozen summer drinks in bags have a bit of slushy wine in them.  As strangely yummy as they are, there's a tiny buzzy pay off.  But hey, that's just me.  If sucking on beer is your thing, this could be a game changer for you.  Enjoy.


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