There Are A Lot Of Bugs In Montana

Insect Identification says there are 796 different types of bugs that call Big Sky Country Home.  (Honestly, I thought that number would be in the thousands.)

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Just like a lot of people, I hate bugs.  They're creepy and crawly and just not my style.  However, I know there are good bugs and bad bugs.  So as long as bugs stay out of my house, I let them be.

Scary bugs
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It's Good To Live Where The Air Freezes Your Face

One thing I do like about our bugs is due to our cold winters, the bugs don't have the chance to grow to the size of an infant or the like.  I can't imagine living in a place like Texas where they have spiders as big as an adult's head.  One encounter with a spider like that, and that would be the end of me.

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There Are Some Bugs That Seriously Need To Die

There are some bugs that do so much damage wherever they end up, that it becomes human policy to kill them on sight.

Notice I said do so much damage, not that they're the creepiest and crawliest.  It's wherever they turn up, these bugs are doing dastardly work like spreading disease in both animals and humans, or they kill vegetation, and I don't mean a plant or 2 in your garden. Some insects can destroy entire forests.

scary bugs

Residential Street Parking.  Know The Law

There are 9 devilish bugs in this gallery that if you come across, kill them and kill them quickly.

9 Bugs That You Need to Kill Immediately

Here is a list of 9 bugs that even scientists agree should be killed if you see them around your property.

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12 House Bugs You Should Never Ever Step On

Who knows? Unless, like me, you despise the existence of centipedes, these bugs could be the most helpful, low-key houseguests you'll ever have.

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11 Bugs You Can Survive On (Eat) If Lost in the Wilds

In the event your GPS sends you wildly off course and you find yourself stranded deep in the heart of nowhere, rest assured you can survive, nay, thrive on a diet of insects and other creatures found underfoot, underground, and under logs.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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