The Montana PSC voted this morning to increase public utilities cost 28%.

As if the cost to heat homes in Montana is high enough these day, the Montana Public Service Commission voted this morning to raise the cost of public utilities sighting according to the Billings Gazette the cost of infrastructure investments and taxes.

It all seems ironic this morning after Montana weather brought the first real snow fall of the year.


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The rate hike comes after the public was informed of rate increases during August of 2022 and people have already seen some increase in their bills over the last year.

Montana PSC Member Jim Brown Spoke to The Billing Gazette:

I am as concerned as all of my colleagues about the amount of increase that's being allocated to the residential class. But it's not an arbitrary and capricious decision to do so on part of the commission. It's what the evidence informed us should legally happen.

There is a figure being spread throughout the press of what the 28% increase looks like:

...residential customers paid $91.27 for their electric bill, and if the PSC approves a settlement that’s part of the case, they would pay $116.63, a 27.7% increase.

The price increase could present a problem for may Montana residents, especially elderly and retired citizens that are on fixed incomes and can only budget for a certain price to keep their homes warm during the sometimes brutal winters Montana can bring.

As of the vote this morning, this 28% increase is permanent.

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